Novel & Blogs

The following is my novel and blogs

On my novel, some professional critics like it, others highly critical. One critic said the novel reminds him of Hunter S. Thompson. Another said the novel is not a novel, but an outline of a novel. One movie producer wanted to make a movie out of a story in the novel but backed out when another producer announced a movie project.

If you are interested to see the above paragraph in detail or read the novel > House of the Four Cracked Doors

For me, however, I never came around to get serious with sales & marketing of my novel. I think I see the novel more as a diary. I have started work on my second novel. Perhaps I will now get serious about sales and marketing.

Apart from working on my novel, I am on vacation, a tourist traveling, & started a blog on this at > Terence The Curious. The accompanying twitter is @TerenceVacation

For the past few years, I focused mostly, on global & American news at > Terence Writings. The accompanying twitter is @Terence_Writing

All the blogs combined since I started blogging in 2008, total hits come to about 4 million. Some blog posts are archived by USA Library of Congress and many are ranked high on Google search.


1) Thai Intel News Center (A Daily Dose of Thai News)

2) Thai Intel Economic News (Thailand’s Economic News)

3) Thai Intel Diplomacy News (Thailand’s Diplomacy & Defense News)

4) Thai Intel ASEAN News (ASEAN News & Analysis)

5) Thai Intel Investigative News (Investigative Reports)

6) Thai Intel Journalism News (News on Thai Journalism)

7) Thai Intelligence News (A Democratic Activist Blog)

8) Men’s Night Out (Lots of Sexy)


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