Iconic global lawyer, Robert Amsterdam, quick comment on mafia purge in Thailand’s police force

Robert Amsterdam, the iconic international lawyer, twitter, yesterday, concerning the on-going purge in the Thai police force, saying, quote” “The deeply corrupt Thai military govt singling out a few police officers on corruption charges is a corruption of due process in & of itself.”

Robert has a point, as over at ISRA News, a Thai journalist foundation, had for the past few years, been reporting on over 15 cases, of very irregular, business deals by the Thai military establishment. In fact, after the 2006 coup, the military government, rushed into massive armament purchase, from Ukraine and Sweden, for weapons, in those two countries that have been rocked with massive corruptions. Other blatant corruption also exists such as the purchase of fake bomb detectors and balloon observation systems.

On the current purge in the Thai police, the following is what the Thai press has been reporting. But because of lese majeste, I will just touch on the subject of corruption.

Several Thai press reports that in Southern Thailand, as related to the crown prince wife’s family, there are many, other, mafia crime gang, conducting all sorts of illegal activities. Long known in Southern Thailand, is that the Democrat Party and the police are closely related, where the police rely on the party for police promotions and the party rely on the police for voters, as the police have a close and controlling relation with the Southern Thais. Then from there, the police in Southern Thailand and the mafia gangs, have a symbiotic relationship.

As concern to the current ring leader of the police mafia gang, Pongpat, in fact it is Suthep, the former security head of the Democrat Party, who promoted Pongpat, over the head of many other, to the high ranking police position, where he orchestrated, the massive corruption ring.

Fundamentally, because of Southern Thailand geography and Thailand’s price control on many commodity and also the tax involved, the environment had always been there for a great deal of black market activity.

This black market activity, and several other illicit activity, like illicit drugs, human trafficking, arms trade, several local Thai press had been head-lining in the past few days, also involves military mafia gangs, along with other mafia gangs controlled by police, which, most press says, will continue to be out-of-reach of the law.

There is also a militant, deep south, separatist movement, where the region is under emergency laws, where the local press, have been reporting for a long time, about military and militant mafia gangs, being in control of illicit trade.

The German press, DPA, reports that the Thai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongorn issued an official letter stripping his wife’s family of its royally bestowed surname due to a corruption scandal, local media reported Sunday. The letter comes after the arrest of three close relatives of the Princess Srirasmi Akrapongpreecha for involvement in a graft network allegedly headed by the ousted Central Investigation Bureau chief.

“The Akrapongpreecha family must revert to their previous surname,” the letter addressed to the Ministry of Interior stated. Police spokesman Colonel Prawut Thawornsiri confirmed that the letter had been received. A royally appointed surname is given as an honour to a family that has served the country or the monarchy. The crown prince and Srirasmi married in 2001 and have a son together.

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