Up-Dated > Criticism of the military junta is now banned in all Thai public schools

The un-fortunate news is, Thailand ranks low on having locals head-up multinationals in Thailand. And, worse, Thailand’s human resource competitiveness, has been tanking for years now. All of that, perhaps, is because of Thailand’s education, teaching Thais to “Recite” with little focus on “Critical” & “Analytical” & “Independent” thinking.

Things have gotten to the point, as Khao Sod Reports: “Under new orders from the Office of Basic Education of Thailand (OBEC), criticism of the military junta is now banned in all Thai public schools.”

Then even the traditional elite conservative leaning, Bangkok Post, points out, over and over again, that Thailand has a serious educational problem. And as sad as it is, as Bangkok Post points out, fact is Thailand’s educational system producing kids, that ranks low globally on IQ. There are many reasons why the Thai educational system has failed, and if u curious, please research Bangkok Post.

But in sum, there are many significant things about Thailand, that is off limits, for discussion, such as Royalism, and as part of protecting Royalism, there long been an Orwell’s 1984 “Fog & Cloud” covered over Thailand. So as Bangkok Post, being even as traditional elite as it is, sees the danger, of low IQ Thais, and have repeated called for critical & analysis thinking type of teaching in Thailand.

But what Bangkok Post propose, it is practically impossible, so the UN & World Bank came out with compromise, and funded a re-form attempt of Thailand’s education system, began funding for Thai school to teach “Independent Thinking” as a compromise, to not teaching Critical Thinking & Analysis.

What Bangkok Post called for, for Thais to know how to think critically and analytically, for protecting Royalism purpose, Thailand is not ready. But again, there is a compromise in “Independent Thinking.”

So under Yingluck, Thailand was on road to create a “New Curriculum” for kids, & maybe, with UN and World Bank funding, to fix some problems, with independent thinking.

However, Thailand is now hit with a Coup & Dictatorship, and Orwell’s 1984 totally enforced over Thailand, and nationalism & lese majeste to protect Royalism, massive. On education, what is occurring, in one example, Bangkok Post reports a worsening of the situation, such as the Dictator, wanting all Thai students to have a booklet, recording their “Good Deeds.”

The cost for Thailand’s failure on education, will be massive. ASEAN’s AEC is right around the corner, and Thailand is now reversing back to producing a people, more “Sub-Service” than ever, suited for exploitation.

In sum, from “Independent Thinking” Thais as objective, now it is a bunch of Pink Floyd “The Wall” type education. This Prayuth’s junta & his draconian dictatorship, really really screwing up Thailand’s future.

 Khao Sod Reports (Up-Dated)

Under new orders from the Office of Basic Education of Thailand (OBEC), criticism of the military junta is now banned in all Thai public schools.

The order, issued by the OBEC earlier this week, bans the dissemination of  “provocative,” “violence-condoning,” or “false” information that could encourage students to disrespect laws or “oppose the mission of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).”

The new education guidelines also prohibit public school officials from participating in political protests or hosting any demonstrations or political seminars in their schools. Teachers are asked to encourage students and their families to avoid all political demonstrations as well.

According to the order, teachers must “cooperate with and support the mission of the NCPO in every level,” and teach lessons “that focus on the creation of reconciliation.”

The deputy secretary of the OBEC, Mr. Kamol Rordklai, said yesterday that he is also considering revising school textbooks to reinforce a sense of patriotism among schoolchildren in support of the NCPO’s reconciliation project.

“We will improve modules in history, citizen duty, and morality, in accordance with the NCPO’s policy, so that the children will know about unity and love for their country,” Mr. Kamol said.

BP: On the earlier part of the article, BP can confirm the translation of the order is correct. Is this the educational reform we have all been seeking?

On the latter part of the article, it is in line with Prayuth’s Friday speech to the nation per the MFA translation:

On cultural issues. We should help to reinforce the values of “Being Thai”, national pride, and upholding the institution of the monarchy. These values should be included in the school curriculum by the Ministry of Education.


On the development of teachers and education system, we should resume courses on history, civil duties, and morals into the current curriculum. The purpose is to instill discipline, strengthen the physical and mental state, and reinforce conscience and social responsibility. We need to encourage our citizens, children, government officials and all sectors to build a systemic way of thinking by not thinking only in the short term basis. One should complete what has been started. Think for the long term with focused and rational thinking. Do not believe in what others say but it must be proven. National interest must come first. The people in society should have a sense of generosity, sharing, not become a society of abusing and defaming each other. We have to compete with many countries. Tourism is the most important because it generates tremendous income for the country so we need to push forward.

BP: One wonders when the OBEC order will also be applied specifically to universities. So far we have anecdotal evidence of universities not allowing protests, but it will be interesting to see that exactly universities are ordered to do or tell their students and staff what to do. From universities providing active support to the PDRC to deliberately suppressing protests now, will this go further once the university term starts. Will this help encourage rational thinking?


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