Up-Dated > Is Thailand deteriorating? Look at Anand, Bangkok’s iconic traditional elite

Few weeks ago, I saw two very startling article on Thailand, one on how Thailand’s assembly, has more soldiers in it, than Myanmar assembly. Then, an Indonesian press article, saying Indonesia pulling ahead of Thailand & as I finished reading them, another came to mind.

This one, a while earlier, was from a Philippines press, this one, about how Thailand had made the wrong turn with the coup, & quoting; this Philippines press quoted the country’s president saying, even if Philippines were in a crisis, it will not go Thailand’s direction.

Then u think cannot get worse about Thailand, after “Worse than Myanmar, falling behind Indonesia & a bad example for Philippines.”

Then after all that, head of a top Japan unit, trashed Thailand so bad, on “What is Wrong” with Thailand, anyone read it, would shock. So lots cutting-edge Thai & global units saying, Thailand’s medium to long-term, economic & political fundamentals deteriorating.

Can u believe it, with all that, Anund, a former coup installed Thailand PM, once board some top global elite body, bitch foreigners & Anund, bitch foreigners & their democracy & say coup good for Thailand & bitch Yingluck caused Coup

Anund say Yingluck caused coup, for no give back power to voters & forcing Thailand into dead-end.

I am like at a total lost what this Anund is talking about, like Yingluck dissolved Parliament & gave power back to Thais. And many say, it is Anund’s ally, the elite and Prayuth, together who blocked Yingluck’s election & force coup onto Thais.

& of course, Coup always good for people like Anund & that why so many coup in Thailand, & so crisis with Thais who loves democracy.

People like Anund, even know Suthep’s movement is Fascism, that stopped Democracy from working, still support Suthep & Coup

One ideological “Heavy Weight” of most Bangkokians, apart from Fascist Suthep, is, of course, Anund & his into coup thing. & Anund record as a coup installed prime minister? Well, Anund is lucky there was no internet back when he was Thailand’s PM.

Thailand’s future? Does anyone need a better example that Thailand economic & political fundamentals are deteriorating, than Anund, an iconic Bangkok High-Class, Traditional Elite Thai?

(Up-Dated) Anand is involved with a massive corruption case, in the selling of Thailand’s state assets, being oil refineries, that were sold, below market value, with no open bidding, targeted, to only one buyer. Anand, being an iconic Bangkok traditional elite, of course, escaped all corruption scrutiny, leaving behind, only a trail of the corruption, in the newspapers, which back then, there was no internet to record the corruption.

The following is from the wikipedia:

Anand’s refusal to interfere with the junta’s actions meant that his administration failed to come to grips with human rights issues.

He had a comprehensive Environment Bill passed, but it was ignored by the military, which continued to conduct its corrupt activities. Not long after it had taken power the NPKC announced a huge rural development project that would help solve the problems of rural landlessness and encroachment on protected forests, issues that had for decades occupied the King’s attention.[13] The military had promised to resettle more than 1.2 million people to permanent farmlands, but instead callously evicted villagers from forest reserves, where they had lived in some cases for generations, and transferred the lands over to corporate plantations.[10][13][28] In almost all cases the army failed to provide new homes and food supplies. When a green activist monk led villagers to protest, he and his followers were attacked and arrested.[10][13]

In mid-June the outspoken president of the Labour Congress of Thailand, Thanong Phoarn, mysteriously disappeared. The deputy defence minister, a military man, casually brushed the matter aside, claiming that Thanong had probably fled his wife.[29] He has not been seen ever since.

With respect to the freedom of information, the Anand administration also disappointed many. With the NPKC in full control of the media, blatant censorship was practised of any issue that was critical of the military. Thus, rallies and demonstrations on a wide range of issues of public concern were kept from the television-watching and radio-listening public. The transparency of the denials of censorship by the military-dominated Interior Ministry must have been apparent to Anand, but he chose to do nothing about them.[10]

Anand was succeeded by General Suchinda, who was appointed by Parliament after general elections.

Anand supported the 2006 military coup that abrogated the People’s Constitution and overthrew the government of Thaksin Shinawatra. Anand had been a sharp critic of Thaksin for several years prior to the coup, and he blamed the coup on Thaksin. He also stated fears that the military junta would fail and that Thaksin could make a comeback. “When the [Chatichai] government disappeared from the scene [after the 1991 coup] there was no fear it could make a comeback. But over the past five years Thaksin and his party have become too powerful. They have consolidated their hold over the government machinery and certain sectors of the armed forces and parliament. So I think it’s a more precarious situation.” Anand claimed that the coup was well received by the people and that the military junta’s ban against opposition or political activity would not last long. He also noted surprise at the international community’s condemnation to the coup.[39]

Anand disagreed with the military junta’s plans to increase the defence budget. Anand denied the military’s request for supplemental funding that would have totalled 53 billionBaht.[10] Junta member Air Chief Marshal Kaset Rojananil criticised the government for being too “inefficient” and calling for it to resign.[25] Suchinda justify the military’s request by stating that there were still communist fighters in the Indochina region.[10] In November and December Anand publicly repeated his views that the country’s security did not lie in military might, but in its economic and political development, on one occasion stating “Military might is no longer a guarantee of national security. No nation can feel secure as long as its citizens are deprived of freedom of political expression and of the opportunities for a better and more meaningful life.”[26]


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