New York Times on Prayuth’s Coup to Re-Construct & Re-Form Thailand (Up-Date 3)

In the movie, based on a true story, Schindler’s List, at a concentration camp, a Jewish women, an engineer building a housing complex to hold the Jews, screamed at a Nazi officer, in charged of building the camp, that the buildings of a housing compound, was not according to the German Construction Code and was dangerous and may collapse. The Nazi officer pulled out his gun, and shot the Jewish women, in the head, then ordered, the engineers to do as the Jewish women said.

(Up-Dated 1) AFP (source) adds: Thaksin, a billionaire telecoms tycoon, shook up Thai politics by winning devotion among millions of rural poor with populist measures, catapulting him to prime minister in 2001 polls. He was deposed in 2006 in a military coup, fleeing abroad two years later to avoid a corruption conviction, but his family and allies continued to triumph at the ballot box as political temperatures rose. The constitution was replaced after 2006 with one intended to curb Thaksin’s electoral influence. “This time, the constitutional changes will be more thorough,” Thai politics analyst Paul Chambers said. He said measures could include “electoral gerrymandering, even more power granted to the judiciary, and finally – and most ominously – more power granted to the army.”

(Up-Date 2) Local press reports that Prayuth’s junta is to go-forward, with the earlier banned Yingluck’s policies, such as anti-flood works and infrastructure spending. The junta, have also raised funds to pay the Thai rice farmers, where earlier raising the funds was blocked by the Bangkok elite establishment. Latest is that ther junta plans to help the Thai farmers, but at this point, the details have not been released.

(Up-Date 3) Local press reports the structure of the junta governing Thailand, divided into 4 to 5 areas, where, a major area is called “Social Psychology” meaning, a major part of the administration of Thailanf under the junta, involved massive psychological warfare.

The following is from the New York Times (Source)

Thai Army Declares Coup, Citing Need to ‘Reform’ Nation


BANGKOK — Two days after declaring martial law the Thai military on Thursday seized full control of the country, the second time in a decade that the army has overthrown an elected government.

The military, which had invited political leaders Thursday for a second day of talks on how to resolve the country’s political deadlock detained the meeting participants instead. The head of the army, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha then announced the coup on national television, saying it was “necessary to seize power.”

Mr. Prayuth said the coup was launched “in order to bring the situation back to normal quickly” and to “reform the political structure, the economy and the society.”

Six months of debilitating protests in Thailand have centered on whether to hold elections. The governing party dissolved Parliament in December in an attempt to defuse the crisis and set the election for February. The opposition Democrat Party, which has not won a national election since 1992, refused to take part. Protesters called for an appointed prime minister and blockaded polling stations, leading to a court ruling that the election was unconstitutional.

The country’s democracy was in deadlock.

Supporters of the former government of Yingluck Shiniwatra, a group known as red shirts, who were holding a demonstration Thursday on the outskirts of Bangkok, were dispersed by soldiers in black masks. The Thai media reported that their leaders were arrested.

The last coup in Thailand was in 2006 and was followed by more than a year of military rule.

Thousands of antigovernment protesters remained on the streets at dusk but leaders warned the crowds that the military was on its way. “The military is coming but do not panic,” said Samran Rodpetch, a protest leader.

In Thailand’s turbulent political history, the king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, has on at least one occasion helped resolve political disputes. But he is 86 years old and ailing.

General Prayuth said in his announcement that the king was “above the entire conflict.”

The military “will protect and worship the monarchy,” he said.

General Prayuth referred to the people staging the coup as the “The national peacekeeping committee.”

Antigovernment demonstrators have sought to eradicate the country’s most powerful political family, the Shinawatras. The country’s politics have been turbulent since 2006, when the military removed Thaksin Shinawatra, the patriarch of the family, who founded a populist movement that has won every election since 2001.

Mr. Thaksin, whose power base was in the provinces, challenged the power of the Bangkok establishment, a clash that was at the root of the conflict. Mr. Thaksin lives overseas but remains very influential in Thai politics.

The coup announcement was made after the Thai stock market was closed.

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