From bad to worse! Red Shirts leader & Army Chief exchange nasty words, as bullets & bombs fly

The newly appointed leader of the Red Shirts movement, Jatuporn, involved in a nasty verbal exchange with Thailand’s army chief, Prayuth, house was attacked. Local press reports police said 10s upon 10s bullets, fired from M16s, hit the house. Another senior Red Shirts leader house was also attacked with a grenade, launched from a grenade launcher, local press also reported. No injury was reported, and police said it was likely related to intimidation attempt. Jatuporn and Thailand’s army chief, Prayuth, have seen their relationship greatly deteriorated into verbal abuse in recent days, with Prayuth saying Jatuporn is not a man to be respected, and Jatuporn blasting back that Prayuth is engulfed by a hunger for power.

Meanwhile, as Jatuporn and Prayuth relations soured, Fascist Suthep is in the process of training about 2,000 guards. Rajprasong News reported a theory, saying that the Bangkok establishment is working up a situation, where the Red Shirts and Fascist Suthep’s movements will clash, prompting Prayuth to make a move to grab power, for himself, or the support of others, of the elite.

(Up-Dated 1) Despite the government calling off of the emergency decree, Thai army chief, Prayuth, have kept in place about 177 military bunkers in Bangkok, and have ordered today, the increase to 200 bunkers. Additional, following the long track of police intercepting arms to the Fascist Suthep’s movement, the police continue intercepting soldiers, who are carrying large catches of weapons to the Fascist Suthep main camp at Lumpini Park.

(Up-Dated 2) The so called popcorn shooter, a sniper, was arrested at Fascist Suthep’s home-town and confessed that he was hired by Fascist Suthep’s movement and was provided arms by the movement.

(Up-Dated 3) A male person, who is out to assassinate Red Shirts, was caught and identify as Thai army soldier, to which the army spokesman deny the identity, saying the army ID on the male person is fake. However, subsequent investigation, found him to be an active Thai army soldier.

(Up-Dated 4) Thailand’s Navy Seal Command, commander thus far, have retained his position as commander, after a large group of Navy Seal soldiers were found involved in active supporting Fascist Suthep’s movement, such as guard duty and a said plot by Navy Seals, to assassinate Yingluck. The commander, also said in public, he supported Fascist Suthep’s movement.

The training of the sbout 2,000 guards, in para-military type training, have seen criticism, directed to Prayuth, of “Being a Hypocrite” as Prayuth, has often cited the Red Shirts as potentially causing un-rest in Thailand, to the extent of cooking up a northern Thailand separatist movement, mostly just loose talk, into something substantial, to lay the ground-work for “Hate” towards the Red Shirts. That “Hate” ground-work is meant to prep the public, for military action, says Rajprasong News.

Former labor leader of Triumph company, an apparel firm, labor union, Jittra Kachadej, have went on social media, asking why has Thai army chief Prayuth, remain silent on news that Fascist Suthep is training about 2,000 guards. Several pictures on social media for the past few days, show that at Lumpini Park, where Fascist Suthep’s movement has occupied, in down-town Bangkok, reportedly, about 2,000 Thais’s are being trained in para-military style, to be guards.

Jittra, a highly well known and respected labor movement leader, one of few Thai labor movement, that have not been infiltrated and control by the far extreme right, is one of the first high profile person, who dared to challenge the powerful Thai army chief, Prayuth, in the open, after Prayuth went ballistic a few days ago. Days ago, the Red Shirts changed its leader, from the highly dove teacher like, Thida, to a new leader with a track record of challenging the Bangkok establishment, Chartuporn. In response to that change, Prayuth came out blasting at the new leader, with several insults, but in sum said he will not work with the new leader.

There are 1,000s in Bangkok’s various “real” labor movement that follows Jittra. Her statement, on Prayuth, after a period of mostly silent by others, could indicate Bangkok’s “real” labor movement, as oppose to labor movement that have been infiltrated by the extreme far right, is now involved somewhat in the Thai political crisis.

Within days of that new Red Shirts appointment and Prayuth going ballistic, the Fascist Suthep movement, began training about 2,000 Thais to be guards, where the Fascist Suthep guards, has a long track of violent activities. Yesterday, the Fascist Suthep movement, took about 100 to 200 guards, and went to the Red Shirts head-quarter, in Bangkok, challenging the Red Shirts inside to come out for a fight. Jittra, said such activity by Suthep’s movement, is highly confrontational and dangerous to the peace and order of society and said she can not understand why Prayuth, have remain silent.

“Is Prayuth supporting these Suthep people and activity?” asked Jittra. Jittra is considered to be close to the Red Shirts, having in the past, like the Red Shirts, have asked that the Yingluck government, to re-peal Thailand’s draconian Lese Majeste laws.

The latest theory in Thailand, according to Rajprasong News, is that the Bangkok establishment is to topple Yingluck’s government with judicial coup and independent unit coups, and with the power vacuum, install a government. The expected reaction from the Red Shirts, a movement mostly for democracy and Yingluck, is to massively protest. With that protest, the Fascist Suthep movement will move to attack the Red Shirts, causing social turmoil, where Prayuth, is ready to slaughter 1,000s to help the Bangkok establishment control power, according to Rejprasong News.

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