Yingluck condemns the violent attacks on Fascist Suthep’s movement, at Trat & Rachaprasong

“Rest in Peace Children,” who have died because of the Thai crisis.

For the past few days, Fascist Suthep’s movement, known to be violent and aggressive in itself and also supported by Thai army soldiers, have been attacked violently, with scores of dead and injured, including children. Of course, Fascist Suthep, was quick on blaming the government, saying Yingluck is responsible.

The on stage, speakers went saying the deaths and injured, will quote: “Turn the Wind, into a Tornado.” Of course, the tornado is to wreck destruction on its opponents, so that Fascist Suthep’s movement will win. Then, even with blood on the streets not washed away yet, Fascist Suthep, says tomorrow, he will, again, set many small fast mobile team, to hunt down Yingluck, and that he was going to continue the assault on businesses, in the Shinawatra sphere.

The sad fact, is that since Fascist Suthep started his movement, and went active, scores of people on both side of this great Thai divide had been killed. It seems appropriate time, for all side, to reflect and contemplate what to do next, to help save lives.

A few years back, when Fascist Suthep, went on a crack-down of the Red Shirts, about 90 people were killed by the army, under Suthep’s order. Fascist Suthep and most of the middle class in Bangkok, did not blink an eye or expressed any sorrow, mostly, saying that Red Shirts deserved what they got. Perhaps now, Fascist Suthep can identify with, how it feels, when loosing close ones and supporters, and perhaps, he can understand how the Red Shirts feel. But is that possible? Not likely, that is just not the nature of Fascism.

The following is the statement from Yingluck:

I strongly condemn the use of violence in recent days that has caused many deaths both at Trat Province and especially at Rachaprasong today, which is particularly saddening and disturbing since the lives of children were lost. My deepest condolences are for the victims who are injured and to the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives. The violent incidents are terrorist acts for political gains without any regard for human lives. The government will not tolerate terrorism and has ordered a full investigation by authorities to find the culprits and bring them to justice without exception.

I would like to ask all sides of the political divide that we may see things differently and there are many ways to express those differences. But the use of violence that lead to deaths are not the civilized way of the living. It is not the way of life of Thais who are naturally considerate and empthatic to fellow citizens, rather than resort to senseless killings. I would like to again call on all sides that it is best to use peaceful means to resolve the political conflict through the democratic process.


One thought on “Yingluck condemns the violent attacks on Fascist Suthep’s movement, at Trat & Rachaprasong

  1. Suthep’s mob have already displayed their willingness to blow their own supporters to bits for political gain with previous self inflicted attacks. Most notably when that protest March was diverted at the last minute and was subsequently attacked by a grenade.

    The most bizarre part of that attack was that a known assistant of a Democrat MP was caught on CCTV running for cover several seconds before the explosion occurred. Then the same CCTV captured him picking up the grenade pin and driving off in his pickup. Despite his identity being known he remains unaccountable for the murderand injury he committed and protected by friendly forces against prosecution.

    This is the farce and terrorism of third world politics Graham Greene wrote about in some of his novels.

    People shouldn’t be surprised that the PDRC are inflicting murder on their own supporters in the quest for political gain.
    Fascists are universal in their small mindedness, self righteousness and the ease in which they commit evil deeds. They will do anything to win in a struggle for power, knowing that they will never be elected democratically
    Suthep is more than willing to sacrifice some cannon fodder for his own gain.
    Suthep is a truly hideous and totally revolting human being but the morons who follow him are every bit as bad.

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