Thailand’s Navy Seal commander implicated as active supporting Fascist Suthep (Up-Dated)

A photo, of a man hidden identity under a mask showing only the eye area, heavily armed in black, in a group of similar other, among the Fascist Suthep protesters, have caused a stir. The eyes area of the man hiding in a mask, looks strikingly similar to the eye area of Thailand’s Navy Seal command boss, Winal.

Earlier, a group of Navy Seal special force soldiers, were intercepted by the police, with Fascist Suthep movement security guard identification badges, with large numbers of very high tech equipment. That intercept and capture of the Navy Seal, became big news, and was greatly condemn, by those who loves Democracy in Thailand, of the military involvement in protecting fascist Suthep.

With that criticism, and pressure against the Navy Seal Command to investigate the case, and take appropriate disciplinary action, Fascist Suthep, sent a large group of his supporters to the Navy Seal Command, to show support to the Navy Seal soldiers, that went protecting Fascist Suthep, and demand they be treated as heroes.

At the Navy Seal Command, the commander, Winal, came out to greet the Fascist Suthep supporters, and hug them, blew their whistle and wave a Thai flag, both the symbole of Fascist Suthep’s movement. Winai said, then, he supported their movement.

Bangkok Post reports: “The chief of the Naval Special Warfare Command, the Thai equivalent of the US Navy SEAL unit, has flatly denied that he’s the mysterious man who acts as a guard for Suthep Thaugsuban. Rear Admiral Winal mugshot has appeared widely in social media postings alongside that of a masked man in support of speculation that he is one of the anti-government protest leader’s guards. The naval officer on Saturday affirmed that he was not that man.

(Up-Date) Local press Matichon, reports the Thai Navy Chief and Yingluck have met to discuss the situation, with other senior military generals, helping to bring the issue to a close, that helps every side be satisfied)


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