World Bank, Central Bank & NESDB turns bullish with strings attached (Up-Dated)

Just briefly, kicking away a bearish mood in Thailand, and shaking away doom & gloom of a recession talk by the likes of Anand Panyarachun, the World Bank said Thailand GDP for 2014 has the potential to reach 4%, The Thai Central Bank, quietly also bullish for months but begin to show concern as politics slide, came out to say the same thing as the World Bank. Thailand’s long term planner, NESBD, also said the same thing. For all three, the potential 4% GDP, depends on a relatively quick end to the Thai political stalemate, meaning, having a functioning government in place, to start spending and help lead the country. Global environment can also add a boost to the Thai economy. Apart from all three, mentioning politics as a condition, they also said Thailand’s infrastructure spending must proceed. The spending, infrastructure & flood, has been stopped by the Thai establishment, fearing the works, would make Yingluck look better and the establishment bad. Concerning the Yingluck’s rice scheme, the World Band gave a mixed review, say the spending helps stimulate the economy and raised farmers income, but also criticized Yingluck of not executing the scheme effectively enough. Concerning Thai politics, it is a battle between Democracy and Dictatorship, and at this point, very difficult to say when and how it will end, but most neutral observer say, they just hope the Thais can get their act together.

(Up-Dated) nerves are running thin in Bangkok, as one after another economist and also the Thai Central Bank, are giving up hope that Thailand will have a functioning governing any time soon. As a result, some very bearish GDP numbers are being tossed about. The problem, with getting a Thai government going, is that the establishment wants a fascist or dictatorship government, while those that loves democracy in Thaillasnd, are willing to accept only a democratic government.


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