Large “No Vote” in the general election signal Thais rejection of fascist Suthep

The elite control election unit, EC, is not announcing the results of today’s general election, citing other election to make up for the about 10% success of Fascist Suthep’s blocking votes, must take place first. However, at the polling stations there were the normal voting counting, and several Thai press reports that “No Vote” has dominated many polling units vote counting. Fascist Suthep, has been calling for those who are not under the Thaksin so called “Regime” to reject this general election and to join his call to reform Thailand first with a council of un-elected people, suspending Democracy for a few years, as the reform takes place. The “No Vote” clearly, are clearly Thais who does not support Thaksin or Yingluck, but have rejected Fascist Suthep’s calls. If the press reports of “No Vote” is correct, Fascist Suthep had suffered a massive defeat, as the “No Vote” apart from indicating that many Thais are independent of Thaksin and Yingluck, but they also support Democracy.


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