Did Bangkok Governor tried to spy on Yingluck on behalf of Fascist Suthep?

Yesterdy the Bangkok Governor, Sukhumphan, made a statement that the discovery of a spy-cam & microphone, inside the toilet paper dispenser, in a mobile toilet for males, provided by the city of Bangkok, to Yingluck’s Emergency Unit usage, was not an attempt to spy on the people of the Emergency Unit, as they used the toilet.

On social-network, the speculation is, that Sukhumpan, was attempting to get inside information, as people of the Emergency Unit, went to the toilet, by catching the Emergency Unit people, talking as they use the mobile toilet.

Sukhumphan, told a press conference, that the spying device was not installed in an unusual place, and the the device is there, because in some incident, women were attacked at the city’s mobile toilet unit.

‘We do not specify which mobile toilet will be sent-out to which location,’ said Sukhumphan. Earlier, many noted, even before Fascist Suthep announce on stage, his occupation target of the day, the city of Bangkok, would send out mobile toilet, to locations of the occupation, arriving even before the protesters got there, and again, even before the occupation activity of the day would take place.

Sukhumphan is the Bangkok governor from Abhisit’s Democrat Party, where Abhisit is supporting Fascist Suthep’s activities.

The use of spying and espionage had occured recently in this Thai political crisis. About a month ago, Yingluck’s security plan to meet Fascist Suthep protesters was leaked to Fascist Suthep, by way of a high ranking police officer, who is close ‘personally’ to Abhisit.


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