The Decline of Bangkok & the Rise of Bangkok’s Colonies

As Bangkok goes dis-functional yet again, the rest of Thailand marches on!

I hardly ever agree with Voranai, Bangkok’s Post top opinion maker, but in his latest article, as friends tell me, on how Voranai thinks Bangkok’s current problem, also stems from Bangkok, governing the rest of Thailand, as if the provinces are a colony of Bangkok, struck a cord. I think the exact words by Voranai, as my friends tell me, is not a colony, but feudalism.

For the past 10 years, starting with the Yellow Shirts disruption activity of Bangkok, like closing down the airports, to the Red Shirts disruption shopping activity at Rajrrasong, and the current Abhisit’s Dem’s Fascist Suthep disruptive activity, I have noticed how the provinces have grown, in government and business.

For example, I just got back from Chiang Mai, and my feel of the whole Chieng Mai experience, was like it was on a different planet from Bangkok, busting at the seems, as a center of business & government, in Northern Thailand. A few years back, when the great flood hit Thailand and threatening Bangkok, and surrounding, a great deal many people went to planted roots in the province, like a Khao Yai, in Issan Region, to be away from it all. and Indeed, many businesses did the same, and began to plant roots in the province.

This current Fascist Suthep Bangkok shut-down, that have turned to meaning a shut-down of many important Bangkok Central Business Units & Centers, like Silom and Asoke, from the words that are going around is mostly, a complaint that some workers can not get to work, and the back-log of work is piling up.

But understandably, a few of those hard hit firm, are delegating the work out, to office outside of Bangkok. Similarly, with Fascist Suthep going around shutting down government office, other office in other locations are taking up the slack.

There are many reasons why Bangkok is the center of business and government in Thailand, but most of that, is just a normal long-term out-growth of the capital, where power & decisions lies here, in a system like Voranai says, where Bangkok is mostly the capital of a colonial power.

But what happens, to colonial power, when the colony begins to grow in power & importance, and the colonial center self-destruct, as Bangkok is?

If one were to look only GDP, of Bangkok being about US$100 billion, roughly a fourth to a fifth of Thailand’s GDP, the figure hide the fact, that most HQ, of Thai businesses are located here, but the business itself, increasingly, lies in the provinces.


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