Fascist Suthep puts 8 year old child on stage, to bitch & curse at Red Shirts & Yingluck

Just briefly, Nithrat’s group (enlightened jurist group) leader, Somsak Jiamsathirakul, has made a posting on his Facebook page, questioning Fascist Suthep, for putting on stage, in front of cheering 1,000s adults, tonight, an 8 to 9 year old child, where the child went bitching and cursing the Red Shirts and Yingluck. According to Somsak, the child went calling the Red Shirts as ignorant buffalo and Yingluck an evil dirty person, among other. Somsak said he question the leasers of the Fascist Suthep movement, for putting a young child on stage and fill the child with hatred towards other. Somsak called on the parents of the child and the leader of the Suthep Fascist movement to stop using children, for their political objective. Earlier, Yingluck’s 11 year old boy was attacked and intimidated, by Fascist Suthep followers, at his private school. Also, as the Fascist Suthep made several protest march across Bangkok, at many schools, sees teachers recruiting young students, giving them whistle, to blow in showing support to Fascist Suthep, as his protest march pass the schools.


One thought on “Fascist Suthep puts 8 year old child on stage, to bitch & curse at Red Shirts & Yingluck

  1. It is worse than you think. I worked as an English teacher at a Thai gov school. The majority of the Thai teachers just beat the crap out of students with a stick. I found out it is illegal, so I complained, and also complained to the police. I was told by the admin “Teachers do not agree with the law, so they don’t follow it.” Later they trumped up some BS on me about being a bad teacher, just weeks after they had handed me an excellent supervisor and student evaluation. I went and filed human rights abuse complaints against the school at ASEAN, Asian Human Rights and UNESCO. Well, now it turns out that some of these child beating teachers are openly supporting Suthep to the students who are a captive audience – with, of course, no complaints from the administration.

    Teachers have no respect for the law or the ministry of education guidelines, and indoctrinate their students in the pedagogy of violence and brutality. With impunity. This is the dirty secret which allows things like mass fascist rallys to take place with open contempt for the law.

    “Unfortunately, adults have…methods at their disposal for denying the violence done to them in youth and taking that violence out on others. With sophisticated ideological justifications they can even contrive to pass it off as a good thing. The less inclination they show to recognize and revise this ingenious self- delusion, the more likely it is that others will be made to suffer the consequences. And it is this that ultimately confronts us with the apparent paradox of a nice, well- behaved child consummately skilled in living up to the adults’ expectations and never voicing any criticism of them ending up thirty years later as a commandant in Auschwitz or as an Adolf Eichmann.”

    Alice Miller – What is Hatred?

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