Red Shirts in Bangkok: Living in fear of assassination & business being destroy

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersecti...

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Shinawatra family are billionaires,  and many say they are also the elite, the new elite that is, and being so that they are protected to a certain extent, and in the worse case, they would exile out of Thailand. The Amart, or traditional elite are also protected, with their network, their billions and their control of the middle class.They have always been the un-toucheable, elite class of Thailand.

But what of the Red Shirts, a mostly pro democracy, liberty and justice force in Thailand, in a country, where the traditional elite, Amart, have often not been kind to them, to even murdering them? They are mostly not rich, just an emerging new middle class? They are stuck in Thailand, like it or not, and having to live here. And what if they are living in Bangkok.

Thai Intel went out to meet several Red Shirts family in Bangkok. One family, with the head of the family being a red shirt guard, said he has taken down all symbols that shows he is a Red Shirts, saying quote: “There are assassination gangs out to hit key Red Shirts in Bangkok, like me.” He now talks quietly and select only a few close know friends to talk with about politics. Another Red Shirts family, who runs a mid size restaurant in Bangkok, says the restaurant had taken down all the banner that shows that the restaurant supports Yingluck, for fearing that the Bangkok’s Abhisit Dems city officials, will target the restaurant for some reason, and shut down the restaurant. “I told my workers not even to wear a red color head-band,” says the hear of the Red Shirts restaurant. A third family of Red Shirts, sells kitchen equipment from China throughout Bangkok, and said the family had had to move to sell outside of Bangkok, because their competition, spread word in Bangkok, that they are Red Shirts. “All I did was to put a sticker on my delivery truck, that I am a Red Shirts supporter.

What Thai Intel is concerned about, is not just the Red Shirts family that we mentioned, but that if Suthep comes to power in Thailand, the lives of million of Thais, would probably suffer the same as those in the three examples.

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