USA Ambassador to Thailand, Kristie, says why are u wondering if USA Embassy open or not today

English: Kristie A. Kenney, U.S. Ambassador to...

English: Kristie A. Kenney, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines. Source: United States Embassy in Manila: Biography of Kristie A. Kenney. Kenney, Kristie A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The USA Ambassador to Thailand, Kristie Kenney, twittered that for those wondering if the USA Embassy will be open in Thailand today, as a general call by Suthep for Thailand to go on strike in defiant of Yingluck’s government, and support his violent insurrection says the USA Embassy will be open today as normal. Kristie is under a great deal of pressure. Early on, The Center for Strategic and International Study, CSIS, twittered by Ernie Bower, said the USA, as a friend of Thailand, must take action on the Thai political crisis. Thai Intel, told him that for Kristie to take a move is difficult to say, as Kristie may get hurt. Then the USA State Department issued a statement that pissed Suthep, and so he sent his people to protest in front of the USA Embassy. The USA overall, with a history of supporting a host of dictators and strong men like Suthep around the world, is showing signs of supporting the people and democracy around the world. For example, with the Egypt crisis, it axed weapons sales and aid to the Egypt government. In the diplomatic community in Thailand, the talk is if Suthep wins in Thailand, foreign governments will have to get tough with Suthep.

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