Thailand’s future? Abhisit’s Dems & Fascist intimidating & threatening Yingluck’s boy

Democrat Party (Thailand)

Democrat Party (Thailand) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is from Andrew Spooner (Source)

Friday, 29 November 2013

A new low is reached – Are Democrat Party blackshirt thugs now targeting 11year old children?

UPDATE: Thai Democrat Party deputy spokesperson, Mallika Boon, has expressed support on twitter for the harassment campaign directed at PM Yingluck‘s 11year old son. She states that it is a “good thing” because he can then go home and “ask his mother” why this is happening to him. It’s hard to know how to respond to the Democrat Party anymore. They’ve clearly lost their minds.

One of the best-selling and most respected Thai national daily newspapers, Khao Sod, are reporting a simply horrific story from Bangkok.

Not content with beating and force-stripping people on the street, not content with attacking foreign journalists, not content with stabbing people and not content with cutting power off to Bangkok’s hospitals the fascistic blackshirt thugs of the “Democrat” Party have found a new horror to import to the Thai people.

They’ve started to threaten and harass an 11year old child.

Khao Sod are reporting – and I only have a partial translation available at the moment – that the out of hours tuition school where PM Yingluck’s 11year old son attends has received a bomb threat.

Whilst over at Yingluck’s son’s day school Khao Sod are also reporting that a black truck with Surat Thani number plates – Surat Thani is Democrat Party stronghold – parked up outside the school and its occupants, all dressed in the usual blackshirt clothing of the Democrat Party mob, began to talk to people at the school

In addition to this Democrat Party-supporting parents of other children are harassing and hurling abuse at PM Yingluck’s son as he and his escort arrive at his day school.

Is this what the Democrat Party means by ending the “Thaksin Regime”? Attacking and threatening children?

It’s a vile new low even by their wretched standards.


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