Fascist Suthep attempting to take control of Thailand

Thailand guard

Thailand guard (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Just briefly, Abhisit’s Dems Fascist, Suthep, is attempting to take over Thailand, having thus far, took control of the Finance Ministry and Foreign Ministry offices.  Abhisit and Suthep are facing murder charges for killing about 100 Red Shirts protesters. The Abhisit’s Dems Fascist also attacked a foreign journalist and went intimidating many Thai news organizations. Meanwhile, another group of Fascist, the Yellow Shirts, have also called for its supporter to support Abhisit’s Dems Fascist. Suthep says he will take control of every ministry and topple the Yingluck’s government in a few days. With that, Suthep says he then plans to set up a Thai people’s council, to reform Thailand, ridding Thailand of Thaksin’s influences. Conflicting reports says the Bangkok elite establishment, to which Abhisit and Suthep serves, plan to appoint Anund Panyarachun as the Prime Minister, but there is another contender competing. If Suthep fails, neutral observer says the elite control independent units, such as the constitutional court and the anti corruption units will step in, to kick Yingluck out. The problem for the elite establishment, and the Fascist that serves it, is that in its recent mass protest, with a target of getting 1 to 2 million protesters, ended up galvanizing at best, about 100,000 to 200,000 Thais, and the Red Shirts, on the other hand, is a grass-roots movement with millions of supporters throughout Thailand. Then there are also millions of Thais the who supports the Pheu Thai Party. No matter how one cuts it, most neutral observer says, Thailand is in for a long struggle, with the risk of Civil War, getting closer and closer, stage by stage.


One thought on “Fascist Suthep attempting to take control of Thailand

  1. It’s nothing less than state sponsored terrorism. Suthep and his fascist followers could never run riot and use terrorism as a strategy to terrorise Bangkok without the armed support of the military. I expect the military appointed kangaroo courts to do their “yellow masters” bidding soon, by declaring the recent election void and kicking Yingluck out of power.
    What sort of democracy is this? When the will of millions of people is negated by a handful of appointed fascists who then act as a kangaroo court.
    People who want democracy in Thailand will either have to live on their knees or die on their feet. The enemies of democracy will only be defeated by force.

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