Poll head warns of selfishness as Thais seek ways to deal with political problems

English: *description:Young Thai Buddhist monk...

English: *description:Young Thai Buddhist monks. photographer: Steve Evans photographer location: Atlanta, GA photographer_url: http://www.flickr.com/people/babasteve/ flickr_url: http://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/1982379456/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The head of the Dusit Poll, told Thailand‘s cable TV, True Cable, that the Thai people are at risk, of becoming selfish. The head says Thai politics is greatly troubling Thais. The head of the poll said the Thais are tired of Thai politics and all the division it had causes, forcing Thais to ask themselves, how they can be happy. The head of the poll said that is a positive development, as the majority of the Thais seek a way out from Thailand’s trouble politics. But the head of the poll said the risk is that the Thais will become selfish, in the ways they seek relief from politics. The head of the poll said more Thais are heading to religion as a relief, but in polls others are focusing on their career success. The head of the poll also said that religion, being Buddhism in Thailand, is often wrongly teach, often stressing luck and fortune telling, which he says, is negative. He said the correct teaching of religion for people in these times of troubled politics is important. The head says the poll points to a Thai people saying politicians, of all sides and shapes, as the culprit of the Thai political divide and problems.


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