Violent rubber farmers join Abhisit’s Dems, Suthep lead, protest at Democracy Monument

Several local press reports the violent rubber farmers have joined the Abhisit‘s Dems, Suthep lead, protest at the Democracy monument. Local pictures show the violent rubber farmers being bused into Bangkok and appearing on the stage at the Democracy Monument. Earlier, in Southern Thailand, the rubber farmers were seen is several violent act, such as stealing massive large trucks filled with gas, and used the trucks to to block roads. The violent also included the rubber farmers attacking police with acid bags, injuring some 20 to 30 police officers. The violence also included burning down about 10 police cars and trucks. About 5,000 to 15,000 protester are at the Democracy Monument, depending on the time. The protest started out as a protest against the Amnesty Bill, but many neutral observer said the protest was targeting to topple Yingluck, using the Amnesty Bill, only as an excuse. The Thai intelligence apparatus have warned of the 3rd hand, taking advantage of the situation, in causing violence to blame the government. But with the addition of the violent rubber farmers to the protest, the situation is now highly explosive. The rubber farmers comes from mostly Southern Thailand, a Abhisit’s Dems strong voter based. More and more under-cover police observing at protest, have been identified, and beaten up by the crowd.


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