Thailand on The Brink of Civil War? Problems shift to elite control constitutional court

Deep division between the Red Shirts and Yingluck‘s Pheu Thai Party was put aside for now, as Sondhi of the Yellow Shirts, called on preparation to ask the Thai King, to grant Thailand a government. That Sondhi call, where Sondhi is considered the key strategist of the elite establishment, comes as the Thai Constitutional Court, in the midst of the anti Amnesty Bill political up-heaval last week, made a statement that it will decide if Parliament amending the constitution to require Senators to be elected, if it is against the constitution. If the constitutional court rule that it is not legal, one possible outcome is the kicking out of office most MPs and Senators in Parliament. The Thai Constitutional Court is controlled by the elite. According to the theory going around, that emptying Parliament of MPs and Senators, will leave a political vacuum. That political vacuum, argues many, is where Sondhi’s request to the Thai King will come in. Most neutral observer, says the Red Shirts will not sit aside, as Democracy and the Yinghluck government is torn down. That will in effect leave the Red Shirts and the Abhisit’s Dems voter base, still charged up over the Amnesty Bill by Abhisit Dems, to confront each other, along with remnants of the fascist in Thailand that will assist Abhisit’s Dems voter base. One intelligence agency estimate put the death, in event of a civil war, at about 5,000 to 10,000 Thais. The Red Shirts have gathered in different parts of Thailand, with the numbers being about 50,000 to 100,000.


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