Civil Disobedience or Insanity Reign? Suthep urges no pay tax, stop work & cut utilities

Several local press reports, Suthep, leading the protest to topple Yingluck, have called on the Thais to pay no tax and for state enterprise unions to cut utilities to the government, in a move of civil disobedience. However, is the call legitimate civil disobedience or just plain insanity. One answer, is that the Thai chambers of commerce, have said that paying tax is the duty of the Thai people and the chamber opposes the Suthep call. And on state enterprise union cutting utilities to government agencies, the government have came out and say in response that the unions should not hurt the reputation of their respected state enterprise. The Thai state enterprise unions have been infiltrated by the Fascist. Suthep also called on the Thais to stop working. It is un-clear which century is Suthep planning to take Thailand back to. But perhaps real estate companies, should start looking at caves.


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