Vietnam copy Thailand’s Thaksin era “Provincial Governor CEO” concept in race for investments

Thailand guard

Thailand guard (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

On True Cable TV channel‘s ASEAN AEC program, the host of the program, an AEC specialist, Kasemsan, said Vietnam has copied Thailand’s provincial governor CEO concept. The host said, the concept, was started in Thailand, some 10 years ago, under the then Thai PM, Thaksin. In Thailand, the Thaksin’s concept of CEO governor, was greatly criticized for hurting Thailand’s civil service system, in accusing Thaksin of bending the governor under his authority. Thaksin, a US$ self made billionaire, is often criticized in Thailand, for being the “Strong Autocrat Type Boss.” The True Cable TV AEC specialist, said the Vietnam’s CEO governor concept, is modeled after Thaksin, in trying to spur the provincial governor to compete in developing their province, and for the governor, to be judge on performance. The host gave an example on investments, where in Vietnam, CEO governor have the authority to approve investments at some level, spurring different province in Vietnam, to compete in attracting investments. (Source: Teur Cable TV)


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