Thai made computer software & services to captures 3/4 of total Thai software market in 2013


sipa (Photo credit: isriya)

Thai Rath, Thailand’s most powerful press group, reports Thailand’s Software Industry Promotion Agency (Sipa), in co-operation with TDRI, a think tank, has announced that the proportion of Thai made software, has captured about ¾ of Thailand’s total software market in 2013 of about US$1.5 billion, up some 24% from last year. Local press reports Sipa has a five missions to promote Thai software in 2013 with a budget of about US$ 70 million. Sipa and TDRI, this year, for the first time, held interviews of those in the industry. Sipa president Trairat Chatkaew said the agency’s total budget for next year was Bt305 million, of which Bt85 million was the operating budget and the rest for promotional activities. The industry-promotion budget of Bt220 million is planned to support 30-40 projects. Local press reports, the five promotional missions were for software-industry policy, developing software businesses, research and development in-novation, intellectual property (IP) and a software-business one-stop service. Sipa’s software-industry policy next year is to encourage government organisations and small and medium-sized enterprises to use Thai software. It aims to encourage public organisations to adopt ICT systems developed and used by Sipa, a public organisation under the administrative supervision of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry. Local press reports, to encourage SMEs to use ICT to increase their competitiveness, Sipa works with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion, and the Department of Industrial Promotion to provide loans for businesses that invest in Thai software, with Bt3 million as the maximum. (Source)

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