About 80K to 100K Red Shirts gather in support of Democracy & Yingluck (Up-Date 4)

2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 06

2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 80,000 to 100,000 Red Shirts Thais have rallied at Muang Thong Thani Sunday evening in support of the government. After they rallied at Ratchaprasong in the morning, the red shirts move to demonstrate at the purpose ground of Muang Thong Thani. They said the rally was held to protect democracy. The rally was held after many groups of people, namely the anti Thaksin and anti Yingluck‘s Abhisit’s Dems voter base in Bangkok, came out on streets to protest against the amnesty bill. Many neutral observer says the protest against the Amnesty bill, is just an excuse by Abhisit Dems to topple the government, however, the amnesty bill had to a certain extent alienated the Red Shirts from its ally to the government, as most Red Shirts is oppose to Abhisit being granted amnesty, from his government killing of the Red Shirts protesters. There are several protest in Bangkok currently, one at the Democracy Monument, by Abhisit’s Dems and the Fascist near the center of Thailand’s governing center, and today’s Red Shirts. All the protest comes ahead of the potentially divisive and explosive ruling by the World Court tomorrow on the Thai Cambodia ruling. The Thai elite establishment, and its various independent units is waiting for the best time, if it occur, to kick Yingluck out of office. A group of Fascist has set up a protest near the Cambodia border.

(Up-Date 1) About 50K to 80K Red Shirts Thais in the Issan region city of Kon Keng have gathered to support the Yingluck government.

(Up-Date 2) About 40K to 60K Red Shirts Thais in Northern Thailand have gathered to support Yingluck’s government.

(Up-Date 3) About 30K to 50K Red Shirts Thais gathered at Samut Prakarn last night.

(Up-Date 4) About 10K to 20K Red Shirts gathered at Chonburi, near Pattaya lest night)


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