2006 Coup head, Sondhi, calls for “Forgiveness & Reconciliation”


513px-Prayuth_Jan-ocha_2010-06-17_Cropped (Photo credit: Prachatai)

Well, you really can not blame people and attach them to their past forever, no matter what they did. Sooner or later, one just got to “Forgive and Reconcile” otherwise, there is just no chance for development. Several local press reports, the man who staged the 2006 coup against Thaksin, Sondhi, in responding to the current situation, said he wish Thais would forgive each other, and reconcile their differences. While everyone is focusing on the amnesty bill being about Thaksin, of course, few are talking about how the military, wrote into the military constitution, that their coup action, past or future, is all not against the law, and thus basically gave themselves “Blanket Forgiveness.” And yet, beside all the legal and political issues, sides and shape, fundamentally how are we to view, the military, helping the Abhisit kill the Red Shirts protesters? Can we ever forgive them?

Fundamentally, if the military have learn a lesson, from the killing of the protesters, recently and in the past, and not to do it again, then perhaps, we should forgive them. It might be difficult to understand, if you have little understanding of the military, but fundamentally, what many said, is that the military, should have not bring “Hard core, jungle soldier” to be involved in controlling protest, as the clash of differences is just way too much, and violence is almost certain. Hard core jungle soldiers, are trained to be at the forefront of battle grounds, ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, in defense of the country. When one brings such soldiers to the middle of Bangkok, confronting a protesting people, and like the Abhisit’s government did, painting the protesters as enemy of the country, that is the worse situation that can occur.

How do we judge, if the military have learned a lesson or not? Well, it is difficult but inside the military, there are those calling for democratic governance inside the military. Unfortunately, those voice, is being silence, by Prayuth, the current army chief. And Prayuth, have elevated, for a variety of reasons, the soldiers who were active in the killing of the Red Shirts protesters. And thus, overall, while I agree with Sondhi, about “Forgiveness and Reconciliation” to forgive Prayuth, it will require, some solid proof, that the Thai military, is moving towards some “Democratic Governance.”


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