Washing Machine Opportunity? Elite’s Thai court system & Elite’s anti corruption unit make moves

English: International Anti-Corruption Academy...

English: International Anti-Corruption Academy Campus 20px 20px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The elite’s control Thai court system and the elite’s control anti corruption unit are both making moves, to take advantage of the movement against the amnesty bill, to come out accepted and popular. Local press reports the Thai court system spokesman, has OK, for judges, to participate in the protest against the amnesty bill. The press also reports the anti corruption unit, is to petition to the UN’s that the Thai amnesty bill is against Thailand’s agreement with international convention, on anti corruption. It is quite remarkable, how any justice system in the world, can allow its judges to go on protest, against a legislature by Parliament. And it quite remarkable, how Thailand’s anti corruption unit, long known for working for the elite establishment, is inciting corruption, to the United Nations.


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