Old theory? Out-side Bangkok Thais create government, in Bangkok Thais destroy government


Bangkok (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Well, if you know Thailand, there has always been the theory about how people outside of Bangkok, in Thailand, are the ones to create the government, and the people of Bangkok, are the ones that destroys the government. So here we go again, as the government that won the last election from most of the people, outside of Bangkok, delivered a government to Bangkok, the Bangkok people are busy tearing down the government. The roots of it all is of course, that before Thaksin, the Bangkok people basically cornered all the power. But after Thaksin, power was shared and the Bangkok elite, which of course control most of the Bangkok people, was not happy to share the power. The current protest in Bangkok, if you were to look beyond the head-line, are about 80% to 90% being the old gangs and old people, that have always been anti Thaksin and anti Yingluck, from the universities, to the Silom crowd and of course, to the Abhisit’s Dems voter based at the Democracy Monument. Other, are of course, splinters of the elite, like the independent units and justice system, along with the various shades of the Fascist.


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