Red Shirts TV sickening censorship of the voice of Red Shirts dissents

2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 01

2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Red Shirts TV station, has canceled all programing of Red Shirts who expressed their opinion against the Amnesty Bill. This is clearly an attempt to silence the voice of dissent withing the Red Shirts movement. Prominent Red Shirts such as Nuling, with a regular show on the Red Shirts TV, saw his show canceled, after he voiced opposition to the Amnesty Bill. Nuling said in response, does anyone still think we are heading towards Democracy. This censorship, is a sickening display of a totally un-acceptable behavior, that traditionally, have been exhibited by the elite establishment. For any group or side, that is on the side of Democracy, Liberty and Justice, to display such behavior, is indicative, to the true nature of the leaders of those who says that are about democracy.




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