Leading Thai bank, Bangkok Bank, launch push to tap MeKong River area potentials

One of Thailand’s largest bank, Bangkok Bank, is making a push to tap the fast growing Greater MeKong River area (GMS) business potential, reports Thai Rath, Thailand’s most powerful newspaper. Thai Rath reports senior Bangkok Bank executive saying that the bank’s series of seminar, called “Trade Expert Forum” will be focusing on all things involving logistics, with the GMS. The bank executive says the bank will give knowledge on the economics and business conditions of the GMS countries, to companies involved in logistics, to help them plan for the most efficient logistics service to the GMS. Apart from rapid changes in the business environments of the GMS countries, the hard infrastructure of the GMS countries is also experiencing rapid development, such as new bridges across the MeKong River and roads network, linking the GMS together. Bangkok Bank, a giant, is often associated with an inflexible and traditional conservative management, making little news head-lines and have mostly avoided “High Volume” aggressive drives. However, the bank has a track record of above banking industry average profit, and often, to the surprise of analysts, have beaten market consensus. The bank is part of the anti democracy elite establishment net-work in Thailand, and have been boycotted by consumers for its political activity.


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