Thailand’s National Security Council head says “All Protester Groups are linked in Trying to Topple Yingluck”

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum Annua...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Several Thai press report Thailand’s National Security head, Paradon, saying that all protester groups are linked in trying to topple Yingluck. Currently, there are about 2,000 protesters at the Urapong intersection, backed by Abhisit’s Bangkok Governor, Sukhumphan top advisers. Then there are the Southern rubber protesters, backed by several of Abhisit Dems Southern MPs, blocking roads, with about 1,000 people active, in the Southern Region that supports Abhisit’s Dems. Then there was about 8,000 to 10,000 protesters last night, at Samsen train station directly organized by Abhisit’s Dems, where several Dems MPs resigned from the party’s ruling committee, to take active role in the protest, to circumvent legal entanglement that can hurt the party. About the only group of protesters, where the link to Abhisit’s Dems is less pronounced, is the White Mask, numbering about 5,000, that is linked to Sukhumphan, only in that the protester leaders have used cars belonging to the city of Bangkok to lead the protest. Then there is the Lumpini Park Fascist protesters, numbering about 500, but can get fresh support from th normally violent vocational students that are ultra nationalist. Sukhumphan has laid out a welcoming mat for all protesters, for example, in providing electricity generators and other services to all protesters. While, each of these protesting group, cite various reasons for their protest, as Paradon has mentioned, all of them are targeting to topple Yingluck’s government. At Samsen train station, for example, Abhisit’s seurity chief last night at the protest, said people should come to the protest because, quote, “The music is great and the food is great.” Those words echo, earlier words, by Kasit, a Yellow Shirts, who said when the Yellow Shirts went to occupy the Thai airport that quote: “The music is great and the food is great.” Kasi is a Abhisit’s Dems MP, with strong links to the Fascist. That occupation destabilized a government close to Thaksin and eventually toppled that government. Abhisit’s Dems are trying to bank the fall of Yingluck on the Amnesty Bill and on the near future ruling on the disputed Thai Cambodia, Phra Vihear relics. Thailand’s independent units are also looking for the best time, if it occurs, to kick Yingluck out of office.


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