Deep South militant disrupt dream of Malaysia, Thailand & China high speed rail link

An ICE 3 high speed train on the Frankfurt-Col...

An ICE 3 high speed train on the Frankfurt-Cologne high-speed rail line, near the Oberhaider Wald Tunnel. Русский: Высокоскоростной поезд ICE 3 на участке Франкфурт—Кёльн около тоннеля Oberhaider Wald. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Western Intelligence source tells Thai Intel, that Malaysia’s tentitive plan to link Malaysia to Thailand and get access to Thailand’s link with China through a high-speed train, is likely impossible at this stage, as Thailand’s Deep South, is infected with militant activity. The source said the militant, have often targeted Thailand’s current old mode train service to the Deep South, with bombs often planted on rail that have went off damaging the rail. The source said while the Malaysia, Thailand and China high speed rail link, is some 5 to 7 years away, Thailand’s trouble in the Deep South with militantcy, will likely persists, as it had been going on for decades already. The source said the current on and off Thai government and separatist talk, have mostly settled the issue between the militant that wants an independent country, while the Thai government wants some form of an independent governing city, such as Bangkok. The source said but a compromise, at this stage is difficult to forecast as to the possibility.

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