Yingluck’s minister, to show-case Thai horror movies, in a Hollywood bash, ahead of film market event

peemakYingluck, Thailand‘s PM, has been dusting off the concept of “Creative Thailand” started by the former Thai PM, Abhisit. And one cornerstone of the “Creative Thailand” concept, is the development of Thailand’s film and animation industry. Thai movies have made an impact, on both quality and money making films, locally and globally, but there is still a lack of consistency, in Thailand’s offering. Yingluck’s spokesman, earlier Twittered, that Yingluck had called a meeting with Thailand’s film industry, are there are some talks of incentives. Yingluck negotiators are also trying to open up China’s foreign movies quota system to more Thai movies.

The Hollywood Reporter Reports: (Source)

The country’s deputy prime minister and leading industry reps will host a symposium, business forum and networking party shortly before AFM gets underway. The program will culminate with a costume Halloween party held at the JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot Hotel, hosted by Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya of Thailand. During the party there will be a screening of new and classic Thai horror films, including Countdown, the smash hit Pee-Mak, Long Weekend, The House, Shutter, 3AM 3D, Art of the Devil I & II, Dorm, Alone, Heaven & Hell, I Miss You, The Coffin, 9-9-81, Ghost Day.

Thailand is set to bring its first-ever film and animation industry roadshow to Los Angeles in the days leading up to the American Film Market. The three-day event, aimed at promoting greater creative and business ties between the Thai and U.S. screen industries, will run Oct. 30-Nov. 1. It will be hosted by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan, along with leading representatives from the Thai industry. Twenty Thai companies involved in film production, distribution, visual effects and animation will take part in the event in L.A. The three-day program will include a symposium, tours of Hollywood studios, company showcases and business matching sessions.

Participating film companies from Thailand include, the National Federation of Thai Film Associations, Amfine Production, Five Star Production, Kantana Post Production, Klongchai Pictures, M Pictures, M Thirty Nine, Right Content, Studio Aromdi, Sahamongkol Film International. The Thai animation companies making the trip to L.A. are Anya Animation, Creative Bean Studio, Imagimax, Lunch Box Studio, The Monk Studios, G Motif, Teapot Studio, Tomogram Studio, Vithita Animation, Yggdrazil Group.

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