Thailand’s National Police Office orders all police stations in militant infected Deep South to form assault units

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. htt...

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matichon, a Thai press for the progressive intellect, reports Thailand‘s National Police Office, has ordered for all police stations, in the militant infected Deep South, to form small assault units. Matichon reported that the order involves for each station, to form three assault units, and reduce the number of police involved in non-essential task, to channel resources to these assault units. Thailand’s Deep South has been infected with separatist militant activity, that often used terrorist tactics, such as beheading. Human Rights Watch, earlier, said some of these attack, particularly intentional attack on civilians, such as teachers and children, are crime against humanity. Recently, Malaysian PM, brokered a peace process talk between a leading group of militant, BRN and the Thai government. However, at this point, events proved that the BRN was using the talk to promote its separatist cause globally, as it continued its militant activity. Currently talks are on a pause, but Thailand’s intelligence apparatus, says having an open communication channel with the militant is a positive step.


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