Thai telecom firm, Jasmin, to tap one of Wall Street best, Morgan Stanley, for US$2 billion deal

English: Morgan Stanley's office on Times Square

English: Morgan Stanley’s office on Times Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unconfirmed, however, Thansetakij, a business newspaper in Thailand, reports, quoting source, that Jasmin (JAS), a Thai telecom firm, is targeting to link up with Morgan Stanley, in a US$2 billion infrastructure fund, capital raising plan. The press said in the short term, about US$ 7 billion capital raising plan by several firms are in the making, and the competition among them are heating up, with JAS opting with Morgan Stanley, one of Wall Street best, and one of the globe’s most respected investment bank, for competitive edge against other firms that are also planning to raise capital. The paper quotes fund manager as saying that foreign investors, are interested in both yields of the issue and potential for future income addition, where on this regards, the paper said the JAS offering, at this point, points to yield, but lack income growth, which is a disadvantage against other issue. Those also planning to raise capital, includes, Bangkok Land, True and other. (Source: Tharnsethakij print edition)


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