Thailand to certify & re-brand Thai massage parlor globally to escape “Sex Reputation”

Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy album)

Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matichon, a Thai press for the progressive intellect, by journalist, reports Thailand’s Ministry of Health is to certify and re-brand Thai Massages globally, that offers no sex, to Nuad Thai. CatCat reports the certification, will, apart from no sex, will require those getting Nuad Thai certification and re-brand government certified sticker, to have people, who have at least 60 hours of training in giving Thai massages. CatCat said the Ministry of Health has acknowledged the problem of Thai massages globally having the reputation of offering sex. Recently, a global press found, that in one of Europe largest city, with some 50 to 60 Thai massages, about 10 offer “Sex Ending.” Catcat said the problem of bad Thai massage reputation globally is increasing, as tourism is opening up Thais to travel overseas. Catcat said in Japan for example, there currently is a flood of Thais going to work in Japan at Thai Massages, where most offered sex. CatCat said there are many Thai massages that are purely for health and does not offer sex, but globally, customers often visit these places, expecting and demanding sex. (Source)


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