The great Thai debate of who is the ignorant idiotic fool: Abhisit helps settle the question

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum Annua...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Here in Thailand, the joke foreigners often tell, is that the elite establishment would point to those who cherish democracy, liberty and justice as ignorant idiotic fools and those who cherish democracy, liberty and justice will in return, point to those of the elite establishment as the real ignorant idiotic fool. Are these foreigners right? Well, if you were to go to the social network, and investigate this issue, there is no doubt about it, foreigners are right, as both of these two sides, levy a great deal of “You are stupid” against the other side. But who is right, like who is the real ignorant idiotic fools, in general?

Abhisit can provide the answer.

Abhisit, off course, is part of the elite establishment, that believes in a heirache social order, with those on top, being enlightened, and those that falls under and beneath that heirache system, as a ladder, are enlightened with Emotional quotient, Creative quotient and Intelligence quotient according to their position in that heirache ladder. The elite establishment, therefore, say they are the ones who are enlightened and those who cherish democracy, liberty and justice, are the ignorant idiotic fools. Of course, this follows the aged old western concept such as, this is my house and my rules, to those with the gold makes the rules, to do as I say, but not as I do and others.

For years now, Abhisit have been fiercely criticizing Yingluck‘s rice subsidy, for a variety of reasons, such as hurting market force, costing too much, vote-buying and a host of other factors. And in Thailand, most press went with Abhisit, totally into what Abhisit was saying and many coming to the conclusion that Abhisit is great. But then, when Abhisit voter base, being rubber farmers wanted rubber subsidy, like Yingluck gave to the rice farmers, Abhisit’s Dems, 100% reverse course, and went helping the rubber farmers get the most subsidy from Yingluck, and also to try to use the un-happy rubber farmers to topple Yingluck. But once the rubber farmers got their subsidy and was not able to topple Yingluck, months latter, Abhisit reversed course 100% again, and started to criticize Yingluck’s rice subsidy, and 100% like totally, did not mention the rubber subsidy. And amazingly, the Thai press, most of them, are back helping Abhisit blast at Yingluck’s rice subsidy, also totally forgetting the rubber subsidy.

The problem with Abhisit and his elite establishment “Heirache” way of thinking, that puts people like him at the top of being enlightened, and everyone else, allocated EQ, CQ and IQ according to the heirache ladder they are in, is that it makes people of the elite establishment, turning out to be like Abhisit, as being able to straight face with no reservations, be doing these 100% reversal of positions, all the time, and believing that the Thai people are such ignorant idiotic fool, they will accept these 100% reversal as normal.

So which side in Thailand, between the elite establishment and those who cherish democracy, liberty and justice is the real ignorant idiotic fool. Well, the election commission says Abhisit Dems Party has about 10 million membership. Obviously, these 10 million membership, do not see the 100% reversal of position all the time by Abhisit as being something un-acceptable, but accepts the twist and turns of Abhisit as a normal “Thai Way.” In fact, these 10 million, probably say, Yingluck rice subsidy is bad because of A, B, and C and also at the same time, say rubber subsidy is good, for the same A, B and C.

Who is the ignorant idiotic fool? The sad part of the whole debate, is that most educators will say, people are a learning animal and there is no such thing as an ignorant idiotic fool, but just people who are able to learn and grow. Thai Intel supports this way of thinking, but also admit, that Thai Intel have been called an ignorant idiotic fool by the elite establishment so often, Thai Intel often blast back, that it is the elite establishment, that are “Buffalo.”


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