Yet another topple Yingluck protest & yet another waiting for the orange to fall

When one of Abhisit’s MP, said the Democrat Party, may become active in leading the protest against Thaksin and Yingluck, are we supposed to be surprise or laugh? For example, already well known, is that Abhisit’s Bangkok governor people are directly involved in leading the Urupong protest and is providing every necessity protest support infrastructure. And local press reports the Urupong protesters number, have grown from in the 100s to about a 1,000 in the past few days, and many are wondering what is going on. So what is going on?

Many foreigners are always amazed at the Thai press, all of them, from the pro élite Bangkok Post to other, like when while most knows the topple Yingluck protest at Urupong intersection, is mostly a creation of Abhisit’s “Set-Up” still, perhaps because of fear of a libel suit, the press report the news as if this Urupong protesters, are genuine Thai people reaction with a non-political cause, and not a “Set-Up” politicized tool of Abhisit.

The problem of perhaps that fear, is that what analysis there is are skewed and what analysis of the future are mostly wrong and blocked. So is there any wonder, with all that skewed and wrong analysis, the Thai society at large, has always been held hostage by a sense of “brinkmanship” in the working, because many do not know the “Reality” of the situation. Fore example, can Abhisit muster the Thai society at large, not just its voter base, to the Urupong protest? And if the protest are just Abhisit’s people, how legitimate can the protest become with the wider society? All we get from the press, is angry people against Yingluck and Thaksin, protesting that could take Thailand to the brink.

So if we are free, to analyze the Urupong protesters, as to what it truly is, not skewed or blocked, what can we say about it?

The simple fact is, Abhisit Dems, for the past 20 years, have used “maneuvering” to come to power, because it can not win elections from an inability to be flexible to change with the changing times and mood of the Thai people. And thus, there is a Thai expression, that the Dems, particularly Abhisit, have always been waiting and setting up the situation for the “Orange to Fall into the Party’s Lap.” That means, for power of the Premiership of Thailand, to fall into its lap. One strategy to see that happen, has for years now, been to destabilize Thailand, or “Shaking the Tree” so that the orange will fall into its lap. And as for about 10 years now, that “Shaking of the Tree” by Abhisit’s Dems, has been to suppy its people to the various protest to topple Thaksin or Yingluck, disguised as legitimate Thai people un-happiness.

Many foreigners in Thailand also often wonder, like with most people realizing that as a fact of the situation with the Urupong protest, why is there still in all the press, some type of “Twisted Propaganda Lie” about what is going on. Like why not just call the Urupong protest to what it is, being Abhisit creation. Foreign press are not any better, but they also “Lie Point Black” about every protest in Thailand. For example, a year earlier, when Seh Aei held a mass protest against Yingluck, not a single one of the global press, from Reuters, to Bloomberg, to AFP, to AP, to DPA, to UPI and others, mentioned a simple fact, and that is Seh Ai, in his protest to topple Yingluck, was calling for the Thai military to stage a coup and to freeze Thailand for internal cleansing. But all of them, went reporting as if the Seh Ai protest, had some legitimate cause, playing up brinkmanship.

What is the current Urupong protest all about again, is simple.

The Urupong protest is about “Waiting for the Orange” to fall in their lap, and with the orange in their lap, if it happens, and like in a pool table, to be the edge of the table, for the ball to bounce, and become an orange in Abhisit lap. What are the things that could “Shake the Tree” and force the orange into the Urupong lap, and ending up an orange in Abhisit’s lap, are several factors that could ignite the Thai people in theory, like the Cambodian and amnesty situation. But on the other side, a new breed Red Shirts leader, Nuling, told the New York Times, that the Thai people after so many years of political problems, fundamentally, are not in a “Shake the Tree” for the orange to fall mood.


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