Hard fact to face! Thai army’s security in Deep South is weak?

Cabinet Terrorism Drill

Cabinet Terrorism Drill (Photo credit: MDGovpics)

Several local press reports a large number of soldiers have been ambushed and killed and about 15 Bank’s ATM machine were destroy. Both are not new in the militant infected Deep South and the same situatuin have been play out many time. Thus the question is, when will the Thai sceurity forces, namely, the military learn from ther situation. At the height of the USA War on Terror, the preperation to meet potential terrorism, went to such level, that the CIA set up teams, with one task only, to think and imagine up ways, that the terrorist will use to strike. That team, clearly, was meant to think like terrorism units. Therer is not need to investigate incident like the bombing of 15 ATM machines, as to what cause it. But it is clear enough, laxed of security, in Deep South, infected with militancy, is the cause.


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