Latest mid-size Japan firm to tap Thailand for ASEAN push: B Eng G

Thailand guard

Thailand guard (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Thai Rath, a local press reports, a mid-size Japanese firm, that helps integrate corporate class soft-ware, into a firm’s operation, B Eng G, has expanded to Thailand, and plans to use Thailand as a base to push into ASEAN. B Eng G executive said in Thailand, the firm plans to help Thailand based Japanese firms. According to several dsata released here in Thailand, a large number of Japamese mid-size and SMEs firms have plans to expand into Thailand. Thailand has a number of firms, several listed in the stock market, that specializes also in helping firms integrate advance and complex, corporate class software, into firm’s operations. While, Thailand, is attempting to push into more advance software development and application, is being challenged by many in ASEAN, such as Vietnam, most industry participants says Thsiland have went up the ladder, and targeting more complex projetcs.


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