Thailand’s long-term planner, NESDB, wants close work between industry & academic world on R&D

Academic world and industry partnership on R&D has been what Western countries have banked on for their success. Several local press reports that at a seminar on “New industrial trends, challenging step towards the future”, Arkhom Termpittayaphaisith, secretary-general of the Thai long-term planner,  NESDB, said industries, universities and technical colleges to should urgently foster closer cooperation in R&D, in various technologies and apply them in commercial areas. “It is necessary to keep up with rapid technology advancements through investment in R&D,” he said. Earlier, the Thai Ministry of science, minister, said he has set a target to raise Thai R&D spending to match global average, at about 1% og GDP, up from current 0.25% of GDP. Arkhom, also said industry should focus on six new business trends and R&D will help to stay ahead of new rivals. The trend includes rapid technological change, global climate change, alternative energy, changing population demographic, local culture and globalization, and politics. Concerning SMEs, he said they need assistance from the state the most, to help them form industrial clusters to benefit from economies of scale and operating efficiency. On infrastructure he said the government must ensure basic infrastructure support to improve logistics access to regional markets under the AEC 2015 business environment.


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