Thailand’s miniature radio tagging device (RFID) industry to grow 25%

cropped-business-plan-goals-785x523xxx.jpgThai Rath, Thailand’s most powerful press, reports the head of the Thai Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) association, Kumpol Choaksunsut, estimating that the Thai RFID industry is expected grow about 25% in the next 3 years. Thai association is planning a seminar on the Thai RFID industry, under the title, “RFID Hero” to galvanize those involved and spread knowledge about RFID. Thai Rath, quotes the vice chair, of the Thai Federation of Industry, saying RFID is becoming increasingly important in Thailand, as the RFID device, has a broad application, including, in industry, retail, logistics, and tourism, such as for controlling the flow of stock through the production process, increase logistics control and effectiveness, in retail for security and stock control and in tourism, such as easy pass at airports. Apart from these, RFID devices, have been used in agriculture and farming, such as tagging animals with RFID devices. The devices have also been used in Thailand for wild life conservation efforts, such as in tagging elephants.

2 thoughts on “Thailand’s miniature radio tagging device (RFID) industry to grow 25%

  1. Any thoughts on using tracking devices on people yet? There may be a solution for all people charged with crimes for bail purposes. Especially in consideration of the evil laws that Thailand has, vis a vie the obnoxious and totally unjust law of Lese majeste.

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