Thailand’s best bank, K Bank, on a campaign to raise profit, with smiles?

Thai Buddish Monk in Ban Pha Cuk, Pha Chuk sub...

Thai Buddish Monk in Ban Pha Cuk, Pha Chuk subdistrict, Mueang Uttaradit, Uttaradit Province, Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, the question of smile, was bought up by the Thai tourism people, saying that tourist are complaining, that the Thais are not smiling much anymore, as the tourist, had come to expect Thailand to be the “Land of Smile” and that lack of smile, was hurting the Thai tourism industry potential. While messages like that, tends to raise the question of sincerity behind all the smile, as it is genuine or not, or is it to empty the pockets of tourist, a Thai bank, is now on a “Smile Campaign.” Matichon, a local press for the progressive intellect, reports, K, Bank, often rated the bast bank in Thailand, by both local and global level units, has gone on a “Smile Campaign” with the top people at the bank, asking the banks workers to smile more at each other, and also with customers. In trying to get its workers to relax and smile more, the bank says its people, do not have to wear a tie to the office anymore, just a white shirt, will do, and the top boss at the back, has produced a video, singing and dancing, in asking its workers to smile, has been shared with the bank’s workers. For the Thai banking industry, on customer service, there are currently two main philosophy battling it out, first, being the ultra sharp high tech, cold “Minimalist” feeling, then there is the more relax “Warm” feeling. K Bank, has opted for the warm feeling for many years now, with even Starbuck in one of its branches. K Bank boos, Bantoon, has a reputation in Thailand, as being a visionary on banking operation and it is still to be seen, if this smile campaign, is going to make him richer or not. (Source)


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