Meet Supa: The elite establishment poster child to the anti corruption unit

India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Thai anti corruption unit, long known for mostly going after Thaksin and Yingluck‘s said corruption, have seen some of the old gang left, and new gang member coming in. One of the candidate, that is the poster child of the elite establishment is Supa, at the Thai Finance Ministry. Supa, at the ministry, cause a great stir in Thailand, coming out to say, that Yingluck’s rice scheme was greatly infected with corruption, and here words, were quoted in the local press. Most Thai press, being anti Yingluck, focused on those words, censoring, Yingluck’s earlier drive into shutting down the corruption leaks in the scheme, with even the police reporting what they actually found. Supa, being at the Finance Ministry, of course, was assumed by the Thai press, to have secret reports of all the corruption, and Yingluck was greatly damaged, with even global press, quoting Supa. Yingluck, on defense, just simply asked Supa, to produce “Facts” that there is widespread corruption with the rice scheme. Supa, responded, that the rice scheme, “Had the Potential” of wide-spread corruption, and that the press, mis-quoted her. The same local and global press that earlier quoted Supa, did not even care to report this to up-date their reports. Everyone, and that includes Thai Intel, objects to corruption, but also realizes, that corruption, is deeply ingrained into the Thai society, and had been that way forever. The problem, is that if Thailand is serious about fightng corruption, those fighting corruption, like the anti corruption unit and the press, just have to start, at asking themselves, are they fighting corruption or they fighting Thaksin and Yingluck?


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