Yingluck to open up Thailand for global discussion on the “Rule of Law”

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand - betw...

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand – between the C and the D gates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thai justice, long close and detached from the people, to even criticizing the court is a crime, operate, as if Thailand and the world does not change, applying justice as if they were the gods. And as an example in the Bangkok Post opinion article from an academic in the USA, telling the constitutional court to reject Parliament amending the military constitution, shows, there is a great deal of “Ignorance” globally about justice in Thailand. A local press report Thailand’s Justice Ministry and Foreign Ministry plans to open up Thailand for a global discussion on the rule of law, under a project called “Thai Bangkok Dialog on the Rule of Law.” The subject of the rule of law in Thailand, pitching “Establishment leaning activist court against the public perception that the Thai courts are unjust couples with transitional justice,” laying a destructive path across Thailand, is not unique to Thailand, however, but is a global issue, hitting many in an increasing conflict prone world. Thailand, is currently in the midst of “Defining what Justice is” and what justice will become, in Thailand. The global dialog on the rule of law, has the potential, not only to benefit Thailand, but the globe, could also have the opportunity to draw on Thailand’s experiences.


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