Innovative, Thai made, safe to health, mosquito away incense, can not keep up with demand

Innovative Communications Corporation

Innovative Communications Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Thai firm, Ranger Scout, says its health safe mosquito away incense is selling so well in Asia, they can not keep up with demand. Matichon, a Thai press for the progressive intellect, quotes Thanan Thanaboriboob, head of the small Thai firm that makes the health safe, mosquito away, product that the product made from bamboo, gives out little harmful smoke. Thanan say most of Asian countries, are located in the hot tropics where mosquito infestation is a big problem. Thanan say his firm product is sold out throughout Asia, and demand in some country has outstripped his firm’s ability to meet demand. Thanan also says, from lab test, his bamboo product, is 3 times more effective that what is currently in the market. In Asia, apart from the West’s chemical based spray and lotion, mosquito away products, the use of incense to keep mosquito away is popular. (Source)



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