Yingluck touts creating Ministry of Water Management

English: Stream in Ansty Part of the water man...

English: Stream in Ansty Part of the water management system used to keep the pond working. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several Thai press report that Yingluck is considering the setting up of a Ministry of Water Management, to consolidate all water management related units in Thailand, under one roof and one responsibility, to increase Thailand’s effectiveness in water management. Currently, units involved in Thailand water management is spread across several ministry. The Thai press says that lack of a central point and a “Water Tzar” have resulted in a variety of problems, with often, pitching conflicting goals and personalities against each other. Local press gave few details or the likelihood of the set-up of this ministry, but this concept is not new in Thailand, and have been proposed by many previous Thai government, but the idea was never followed up. However, local press says the issue of water management in Thailand is getting more complex, with global warming causing adverse weather patterns and also such complex issue as solving drought and flood cycle, which could involved environmentalist and local people suffering from the drought and flood cycle, coming into conflict. And also the allocation of water resources, among competing sides. The Yingluck government is also attempting to invest US$ billions in water management infrastructure, if she is able to get the project pass the elite establishment that is delaying it, and if completed, local press speculate, that the responsibility to manage Thailand’s entire water management infrastructure, will be a big job, that will require professional management.


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