Thaksin: “Key Success Factor in a fast changing world is creativity”

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Pr...

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Русский: БАНГКОК. С Премьер-министром Таиланда Таксином Чинаватом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several local press reports, that Thaksin has sent an educational video to his Thai supporter base, that the key to success in a fast changing world is creativity. Thaksin, in the video, gave a host of examples and practical ways, to demonstrate the importance of creativity and also some steps to take in being more creative. Thaksin, when in power in Thailand, before being toppled from power, however, was not known for being “Creative” but mostly, was known as a “Visionary.” However, the history is filled with those who are visionaries, running into troubles with the status quo, often, ending up, being a story about creativity and destruction.

On Thaksin’s vision, for example, he pushed Thailand into aerospace, nano technology, medical tourism, educational center, arms manufacturing, cutting edge design and a few other. Most of those, were not just empty dreams, but Thaksin set up public units, spearheading most of those vision. Many of Thaksin’s vision, became a reality, and have today, became a cornerstone of the Thai economy, such as medical tourism and education center.

Thaksin’s skill at creativity, is a subject hotly debated in Thailand, namely many of his pioneering populous policy. Some have gained widespread praised, such as his universal health care scheme that was lauded by the UN, but others, such as the village fund, being micro finance, where micro finance globally, is hotly debated, lauded by some, but criticized by others. In Thailand, the village fund is also hotly debated, with many saying it is a waste.

His sister, Yingluck, populous policy, namely agricultural subsidy, is mostly condemned by global press as destructive, as buying votes and risky to Thai finances, while those global press mentions little of the West’s Farm Bill. Hypocrisy or not, however, Yingluck’s agricultural subsidy has become highly controversial with its critics, with those critics doing everything possible, even destructive measures to Thailand overall, like destroying the market for Thai rice, to kill the policy.

Many locally and globally, says overall the Thaksin and Yingluck’s populous policies are destructive, again as buying votes and financially risky, but those who supports Thaksin and Yingluck, says the policy is positive overall, because it had helped Thailand’s development towards Democracy, as the Thai people, became linked to politics and gain representation, not marginalized, as Thailand had been under the elite establishment.


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