ASEAN Boom Hits Thailand: Severe shortage of English teachers as kids rush for English lesson

Secret-KidVenture-ClubMatichon, a newspaper for the progressive intellect in Thailand, reports that the looming ASEAN‘s AEC, have resulted in the number of students, seeking English lesson at tutoring schools, have increased from the normal 200,000 students a year, to current 300,000 students a year. With that heightened awareness of the importance of English by Thai students, at schools in Thailand, there is a severe shortage of English teachers, as demand from students has increased, and the short-fall in English teachers is about 20,000 teachers, mostly at remote schools. Matichon reports, Thailand has set up a “Foreign Contact Unit” and have been asking foreign governments, to help send English teachers volunteer, to these remote schools. Earlier, several Thai press reports, that schools and universities, in many countries, not involved with their government, have been sending volunteers students to teach English at Thai schools, during their vacation break. One such project, sees a school in the UK, sending 100s of students, during vacation break in the UK, to teach English in Thailand. According to research, Thailand ranks very low among its ASEAN peers in English language ability, the the situation has alarmed Thai planners, as a being a “Critical Dis-advantage” of Thailand, with ASEAN AEC looming. Apart from English language, Thailand, while spending per student, on education is high, continues to show poor result, with most research pointing to a Thai culture, that places little respect on independent thinking. The Thai elite establishment, have been calling on the Yingluck government to spend more on education, and cut her populous policy spending, however, most educational expert says it is not the level of spending, but the elite establishment’s supporting of such concept as lese majeste and other curtail on freedom of expression, that is hurting Thai children’s ability to think independently and critically. (Source)


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