As global debate rages on China’s economy, Siam Commercial Bank, taps China’s fund mangers

China's Dowager Empress

China’s Dowager Empress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As debate on China’s economic strength rages globally, a Thai bank, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), has bought several of China’s large fund management company to meet Thai investors, touting the attractiveness of investing in China. Matichon, a local Thai press for the progressive intellect, reports SCB has bought to Thailand Huang Gaohui CEO, E Fund Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Sophie Hu Senior Manager, China Construction Bank and Amy Liu Assistant Vice President, CCB International Asset Management Limited to give a talk about China’s stock market, under the theme, “China Stock Market at a Cross Road.” Over the past few years, the Thai Security and Exchange Commission and the Bank of Thailand, have been liberalizing the opportunity for Thais to invest globally. Apart from individuals, Thai mutual funds companies, have been offering funds that invest globally to the Thai public. (Source)


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