Thaksin: “I will stop, if my opponents stop” (Up-Date 7)

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Pr...

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Русский: БАНГКОК. С Премьер-министром Таиланда Таксином Чинаватом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hate Thaksin” has for years, of course, become the “Rallying Call” by the Thai elite establishment, to galvanizing its strength, in going to war for their anti democracy Thailand agenda. There is little use, in exploring the truth as to why that use of the Thaksin issue, is un-just and unfortunate, but the simple fact is, Thaksin is a very effective tool of the elite establishment. That being so, one wonder, why does not Thaksin, just evaporate away from Thai politics, as that would leave the elite establishment without its most powerful tool? And under-neith it all, does not the elite establishment, hope Thaksin keeps up his activity?

On Thai Rath TV, a press of mostly anti Thaksin, the other day, pitch a “Live Confrontation” between Thaksin and Abhisit’s security chief, Suthep. Suthep came blasting, asking and telling Thaksin, to quite his involvement in Thai politics and to just “Stop.” Thaksin in response, said, “I will stop, if my opponents stop.” Minus the political angle, it seems, Suthep feels threatened by Thaksin and Thaksin, feels like he is on the defense. Minus the political angle, this who is on the offense and who is on the defense gives hope to a solution to Thailand. However, leaving that Suthep and Thaksin confrontation, Suthep went on the Democrat Party, continuing series of meeting their voter base gathering, and attacked Thaksin, about 100s of times more fiercely. And Thaksin sent a message that he accidentally met Aung San Suu Kyi, in Singapore, where days later, Aung San Suu Kyi launched into a blistering move to amend the Myanmar military constitution, as Thailand is attempting to amend the military constitution.

Way back, when I was working at the Bangkok Post, the editor of the business section was Peter Ungpakorn, the son of the “Father of Thailand’s Progressive Civil Servant Movement” who was outed from Thailand for being a Communist, and spent his life exiled from Thailand, with little hope of returning. But things progressed in Thailand, to the point, that one day at the Bangkok Post, Peter bought Puey Ungpakorn his father, to visit the Bangkok Post and I considered it one of the best moment of my life, but Puey Ungpakorn and I, exchanged smile, as Peter showed his father, his working space at the Bangkok Post. Peter, of course, is hated at the Bangkok Post for having so must clout that hurt other people striving to get ahead, and eventually, even with protection from Anund Panyarachun, was forced out of the Bangkok Post.

Peter went on to work for the crazy, elite establishment serving, Thailand Development Research Institute and disappeared from the scene. His brother, Jai Ungpakorn, like his father, was ousted from Thailand, on lese majeste charges, and became a globally well known and highly respected socialist, struggling to revive socialism across the globe. Jai, was a staunch supporter of the Red Shirts and Thaksin, but have been a fierce critic of Yingluck’s “Co-Existence with the Elite Establishment Philosophy.”

What is the future of Thaksin? While the Puey Ungpakorn experience with Thailand, serves notice, that things do change eventually in Thailand and the country will move forward, with Thaksin, the situation is worse than with Puey Ungpakorn had have to face. The simple fact is, Thailand is changing and the elite establishment is fighting desperately to hang on to their philosophy and its application onto Thailand. Thaksin, fundamentally, is like a life saving raft, for a drowning elite establishment. To the elite establishment, if they are going to drown to death, they are going to cling onto Thaksin, and perhaps, Thaksin is going down with them.

(Up-Date 1) The Democrat Party iconic figure, Chuan, who groomed Abhisit rise at the party, have today, called on Southern Region Thais to rise up against Thaksin, saying Thaksin and Yingluck have stolen money from the people of the Southern Region, to give to the people of Northern and Issan Region Thais, as the tax collect in Southern Thailand, is more than tax collected in the other two regions, but the spending on the two region, by Thaksin and Yingluck, is more than they spend in Southern Thailand.

(Up-Date 2) Yingluck’s have gained parliament support and passed the 3rd reading of an amendment to the military constitution requiring all Senators to be elected. However, Abhisit’s Dems has petitioned the Constitution Court, to see if that Parliament passage, is against the constitution. The constitutional court, of course serving the anti democracy elite establishment accepted the case, putting into conflicting condition, with Yingluck required by law, to send the law to the Thai King OK, as the Constitutional Court, considers the case. If worse comes to worse, with the Constitutional Court, going insane and says amending the military constitution is against the law, most neutral observer says there may be a snap election, to which most say Yingluck and Thaksin will win again, but the elite establishment and its Constitutional Court, would have also won as, apart from success in protecting the un-democratic military constitution, it will serve notice that the Constitutional Court, indeed has power to rule over parliament, killing the separation of power between the judicial, legislative and administrative branches. With that prospect, most say, even with Yingluck being the government, she will in effect, be a slave to the elite establishment, without power to do anything. However, some analyst says, Yingluck and Thaksin obviously understand that aspect of the situation and ready to fight it, and the Red Shirts will likely go ballistic. There are few observer, who dares to think seriously of what the Red Shirts will do.

(Up-Date 3) A red Shirts leader, have suggest that the Thai Constitutional Court stops its anti democracy activity, saying if the cort does not respect the people, at least take the cue, from Sondhi, who staged the 2006 coup against Thaksin and wrote the military constitution, that have since changed his position, and voted for the amending of the military constitution, to have senators, all elected. The Red Shirts backed up his assertions that the court serves the elite establishment, with several example of “Facts” such as a constitutional court judge, Charan, going to one of the Yellows Shirts “Victory Party.” As of this reporting, the situation continues to be in a state of “Flux” and Thai Intel suggest all readers, to keep a open mind, as that would make your ability to detect indicators, more sensitive to what is and will become a reality, more than rushing to conclusions.

(Up-Date 4) People of the elite establishment are throwing a great deal of threats against Yingluck, from ending up exiled from Thailand like Thaksin to being charged with lese majeste, with obviously they are trying to “Scare Yingluck into Sub-mission.” Yingluck is busy with the flooding, and have not said anything directly, with people close to her making statements. But from these statements, the amendment of the constitution to have Senators elected, will be offered to the Thai King to endorse. World coming out of the Yingluck camp, is also other areas of the military constitution, will be taken up by the Parliament.

(Up-Date 5) Several local press reports Yingluck have offered the constitutional amendment bill, requiring Senators to be elected, to the Thai King for endorsement.

(Up-Date 6) The iconic Democrat Party assertion that Thaisin and Yingluck stole money from Southern Thais to support their voter base, as relating to taxation, proves to be factual in-correct.

(Up-Date 7) Mae Luke Chan at Thai Rath, Thailand’s most powerful columnist, basically said the constitutional court, just simply can not go crazy and block the amendment to the military constitution, because Thailand will sink into a deep political crisis.


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